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Becoming an electrician is not as easy as it seems; there is a lot of hard work and commitment needed to become the master electrician. The journey to a master electrician is not an easy path but not impossible. There are four licensing levels for electricians, first is the apprentice electrician, an apprentice electrician is someone new to the trade. Upon two years of supervised training and obtaining a passing score on an electrical exam, they become a wireman electrician.

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Wireman electrician is the next level of an electrician after apprentice. A wireman electrician can work unsupervised in any residential home. They cannot work in the commercial field without a journeyman electrician present. The next level is the journeyman electrician, mostly all the electricians sent to people home for electrical system holds the journeyman electrician license. To be a journeyman electrician, one must complete 8000 hours of work under a master electrician and pass a written exam.

The highest level of an electrician is master electrician, and a master Electrician Miami is like is the name suggests a master of everything electricity. All electrical contracting companies must have a master electrician on board to oversee the electrical work performed daily. They are highly skilled electricians who generally work in a supervisory role or have their own contracting business. They have abundant knowledge of installation m, repairs, upgrades, and electrical systems; a master electrician also possesses substantial managerial skills. Master electricians intricately fix all the possible danger areas by ensuring on the job safety measures are thoroughly followed.

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An electrician is one of the most important workers in society because it’s their work that society is living. In a world where we have lights, we can watch television, use the fridge, cooler, etc. it is the electrician’s work that the people can use electricity safely. Without electricians, the world would have been a dark place, without lights, no access to devices and appliances. It is a glorifying job, and, people should respect them.

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